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Laura Fan

Laura is an avid globetrotter enjoying very much of sharing her passion in spirituality and competitive dancesport.


After dabbling in various healing modalities, Laura finally found the right path in 2012 when she began studying the Master Yoga program under the mentorship of Master Irmansyah Effendi.


When Master Irman introduced Secrets of Natural Walking, Laura was immediately drawn to the modality as her heart felt this would integrate with her professional work as a dancer and dance coach.


However, Laura did not become a certified SONW instructor until she herself experienced the profound healing effects from SONW and decided she must share this with public.


Suffering from digestive disorders, Laura was hoping that SONW could help her improve her health situation.  She had undergone numerous medical examinations including blood work and ultrasound.  Some of the results indicated abnormal range including blood count, bilirubin, cholesterol etc. 


She began to practice SONW diligently with daily 1.5 hours practice.  Within 8 days, her laboratory results showed a significant improvement on her cholesterol, including total Cholesterol dropping from 294 to 262, LDL from 183 to 159, Triglyceride from 95 to 53.   Continuing the diligent practice for 2 months, all her blood test results returned to normal range and her digestive symptoms disappeared.


Many of Laura's SONW workshop attendees have also achieved significant health benefits or body transformation.  Her mother, after 6 weeks of non-stop daily practice, reported that her high blood pressure returned normal and was stabilized. Her slight hunchback posture was also much improved.


Laura has begun to integrate much of SONW into her own professional dance performance and coaching.  With the introduction of Secrets of Natural Walking, she, along with some of her dance students have reported improvement of body awareness and coordination, core strength, balance, flexibility, posture and dance movement.

City: California & North Carolina & New Jersey

Phone: 510-501-2925

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