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Lonneke Janosik

As a mother of four children I am interested in following a holistic approach to Life. I always believed in the natural healing abilities of our body however it was not until my first Secret of Natural Walking (SONW/RBA) workshop that I experienced the simple keys to have these natural abilities and gifts unlocked.


I soon began to feel how my body was adjusting and realigning.  The tension I had unknowingly held for so long within me, started to dissolve and my body began to function and work more like the way it had been created to.  This was an amazing and wonderful feeling.  It was accompanied with such a light, gentle and natural feeling of being alive in the widest sense. 


Various problems with Digestion and Pelvic Floor and Slow Metabolism disappeared within weeks of regular daily practice. I embraced all the physical and aesthetic benefits including my muscles becoming more toned, skin and cell rejuvenation, and the balancing of my hormones.  The effects did not stop there. There was a clear and noticeable effect on my overall feeling of wellbeing. I experienced a vitality, peace and happiness that extended beyond the actual practice.


As an Open Heart Teacher and a Life Coach, I’m aware of how often people experience positive change only through a lot of effort and time. I’ve been amazed to see and experience how this RBA/SONW one day workshop can change people’s lives so rapidly all through the simple act of doing the walking exercise daily.  No special age, knowledge, ability, time, place or equipment is required!  Everything you need is already within you! 


Its with great excitement therefore that I share this RBA / SONW workshop with you. I teach this Workshop In English, Dutch and Indonesian worldwide.  I am inviting you to join the workshop so that you too can come into alignment and unlock the great secrets just waiting to be opened and released within your body. 

City: Yogjakarta
Phone: +62818250117

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