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Nadia Febina

I was born and grew up in Indonesia. My professional background had been being an engineer of oil & gas operations for a multinational company. Outside of professional life, I love to travel, being in nature and being physically active. I also have fascination with everything natural; from food to body care, from travel destinations to way of living. 


My profession required me to travel and live in world's different places... which I am very grateful about. However, the high mobility, high paced lifestyle and high stress level could be causing the chronic insomnia that I had lived with for some years. Determined not to be dependent on prescribed sleeping medications, I started to explore deeper about body-mind connection and natural healing modalities, such as hatha yoga and reiki tummo. In this beautiful journey, I came across open heart meditation that teaches about spiritual heart for joyfulness and inner peace. I then also learned about this simple and wonderful healing method, Secrets of Natural Walking. 


When I started the regular practice of Natural Walking, my constantly busy mind becomes much more rested. I also feel more energised during the day. And as I like being active, whenever I have sore muscles or a little bit of joint pain from the activities, I feel the natural walking practice re-alignes, soothes and rejuvenates them. But most importantly, I sleep very well nowadays! This beautiful practice has so many benefits and is accessible to everybody regardless of age, and body type. I am keen to share it to everyone who would like to improve their health and their quality of life in general. Looking forward to meeting you in the workshops!

City: Jakarta

Phone: +6281283726083

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