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Nadine Ames

When I first joined a Secrets of Natural Walking (SONW) workshop, I was a 24 year old who suffered from intense knee and lower back pains. I couldn't stand or walk for too long and even sitting for prolonged periods of time caused discomfort. For someone who loves traveling and the outdoors, my condition made it difficult for me to do the things I loved. I still remember that first workshop: I could feel all these muscles I didn't even know existed being used properly for the first time ever!


After feeling the lasting benefits of SONW, I just knew that I had to share it with others by becoming an instructor myself. I love that SONW is so simple and that its results are so palpable. After one workshop, participants look so much more relaxed and happy, and I'm grateful to have witnessed those who have come in at the start of the day unable to bend their bodies and then leave at the end having regained some mobility. These experiences have made teaching and sharing SONW a joy and I look forward to being able to share it with more and more people. 

City: Jakarta

Phone: +6281285001108

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