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Nikoletta Kha

Learning about Secrets Of Natural Walking led me to amazing changes and brought back joy to my life.

Please allow me to share a little bit about my past – when I was caring for my daughter in her early life I learnt pretty quick what sleep deprivation and exhaustion meant. I had a really week immune system where I was not able to live a normal life as I was always sick and couldn’t enjoy life. I became less caring and careful for myself and had an unfortunate accident that resulted in the fracture of my left ankle. Being a yoga teacher I tried my best to get my ankle movement back – I went swimming, did my stretches and going to specialists regularly, with no significant improvements.

As I started practicing daily Natural Walking – which helps put our natural alignment back in to its place – my whole family and I noticed the significant changes in me as I was able to have better quality sleeps and for the last two years haven’t been sick or exhausted at all! I have also noticed my ankle returning back to normal. Now, every day I am truly amazed and grateful to feel what our body is meant to do if we keep maintaining it in the right way. I have come to realize these changes are just the beginning as everyday, I feel so more accepting, at ease and in the flow of life.

I believe we all have our story of our life with many or less challenges. I look forward to hearing yours.

City: Melbourne
Phone: +61437550067

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