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Pat Janes

Having lived in many different countries including Argentina, Singapore, Libya, Indonesia and USA, and having seen many more as professional yacht crew, Pat Janes considers Hobart, Tasmania home. Here she raised three sons and pursued a successful career in real estate. Seven years ago Pat felt it was time to give more back to her community and began volunteering her time in aged care centres where she led Open Heart meditations. Currently, she is employed in a day respite centre for the elderly.


In December 2013 Pat attended her first SONW workshop and realized even after a short time of practicing she was feeling lighter, happier and more peaceful. Three months later she decided to train as an instructor.


A few months later it became clear that even after 10 years of yoga classes and three years of Pilates, the Natural Walking was addressing the core issues relating to her chronic lower back pain, sciatica and pelvic floor weakness. Within six months not only had her posture changed significantly and the chronic pain had disappeared, but also she was able to run without experiencing pain for the first time in five years. All the physical and emotional changes happened so naturally and  effortlessly.

City: Hobart
Phone: +61404854327

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