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Perlyn Tan

I am a happy go lucky person who loves nature and food.  I love to smile and make new friends.  As I love eating, my body weight keep increasing and my body is very flabby (OMG!!!).  After practicing SONW, I feel my body more toned and and my body weight maintained.  Thanks to SONW so that I can continue eating as much as I want!!!

Sadly to say, I am an accountant who has a busy and stressful job.  I used to have stiff shoulder ache and neck pain while working in the office for long hours.  After practicing SONW, my shoulder ache is gone and my body feeling more refreshed.

The 1 day walking therapy not only teaches the proper way of walking but also the correct way to carry bag, standing etc.  Its sad to see so many people walking the wrong way which affect their spine, joints, breathing and health.  I really wish to share this wonderful walking therapy with everyone so that they can be healthier and happier in their daily life.  

Call me at 9105-3375 to find out more about the next workshop.  See you soon

City: Singapore

Phone: +6591053375

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