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Pipina Lazaris

Being born healthy to parents where that chance was only 1 in 4 and having a brother born with Thalasaemia Major (also a 1 in 4 chance) spurred a life-long passion in me to find ways to improve the health of my brother and subsequently others.


After studying a Science degree at university I was heading towards studying Medicine.  Instead, however, I did a back flip and studied Law because I didn't want to face the prospect of losing a life while trying to save it.


At the end of 2012 I was introduced to the Secrets of Natural Walking.  From the conclusion of my very first workshop I felt more peaceful and relaxed.  After practicing for some time I began to see that things were beginning to happen to my body that I could not readily explain on a scientific level.


When given the opportunity to study and become a teacher it was a no brainer for me!  The Secrets of Natural Walking has changed my life - and I wanted to extend the possibility of that to others.


Some of the benefits I have experienced from my practice of the Secrets of Natural Walking have been:


1.  My body became stronger and more centred.

2.  My complexion became clearer and my skin began to glow.

3.  My energy levels increased dramatically.

4.  My (previously low) iron levels began to normalise (without any changes to my diet) to the point that my doctor emailed me and said "stop taking iron supplements".

5.  I was so busy at work yet found time to complete tasks I never believed I would - with ease.

6.  I felt calmer and more grounded.

7.  My quality of sleep improved as my body and mind were more peaceful and relaxed.

City: Sydney

Phone: +61451445885

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