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Selina Bhanji

Selina Bhanji resides in Calgary, Alberta where she enjoys adventures in the mountains, long walks in nature and finding fun in unexpected places.  She is a CPA by profession in a demanding corporate role and also works in one of Calgary's premier holistic clinics where she provides the healing and rejuvenating modalities of Reiki Tummo and Heart Based Coaching as well as sharing her expertise in aromatherapy. She has also been coordinating Reiki Tummo and Open Heart Meditation Workshops in Calgary over the past 8 years and provides mentorship to Calgary's local alumni. She enjoys helping others to live their life at its highest potential while letting go of the aspects which may be holding them back.  


In addition to this, Selina is a Certified Secrets of Natural Walking (SONW) Instructor since 2014.  She took her first SONW workshop in LA that year after hearing so much about it.  Half way through the workshop, she knew she needed to know all there was to know about this amazing modality so that she could share it with others.  She could quickly see that the benefits were endless.  With SONW, she has seen incredible improvements to her own posture and the alignment of her spine, especially in the lower back region despite many years of sitting at a desk.  She has also experienced tremendous healing to injuries after years of working out extensively and found the results of SONW to far surpass any of her prior physical pursuits.  She has seen amazing shifts with SONW in her physical body as well as her enjoyment and relationship with food. She has seen an improvement in food sensitivities and digestion, and now experiences an even more restful and rejuvenating sleep unlike anything before. 


By enjoying SONW regularly along with her heart meditation practice, she experiences so much joy, happiness, vitality and resiliency in her daily life. She finds that with diligent practice, solutions to her life's mysteries find her easily and without effort.  

City: Calgary

Phone: 5872290444

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