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I am a native of North Carolina, now living in Asheville, in the heart of the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains.  I grew up playing in the woods as often as I could because I always felt energized and revitalized by nature.  I felt like the earth fed me and made me happy.  This is exactly the way I feel when I practice Secrets of Natural Walking, and it is the reason I became an instructor….to happily share this “secret” with others.


When I found SONW in 2014, I was experiencing serious physical issues.  In the beginning of my first class I had to hold onto chairs on both sides in order to do the keys and the steps.  But by the end of class, I could walk without holding on to anything.


I continued practicing SONW and miraculously, my physical issues all quickly and dramatically changed. I was able to resume my normal physical activities and adventures with much less pain and much more energy.


Now, I joyfully walk every day and I’ve noticed that each time it feels like I am experiencing a deep healing session.  My attitude is lighter, I am much calmer, my heart seems to open bigger to others and the adjustments that occur naturally while walking give me a better connection to my body as well as with the earth.


I’m definitely hooked on this simple, yet powerful, natural form of exercise that enhances so many aspects of our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  As an SONW Instructor, I’m so grateful to be able to share this amazing form of natural healing with others.  Please give me a call and let’s have some fun walking together for our health.


“Watching people actually change their bodies, experience less pain and have a richer quality of life with less stress has been a truly rewarding experience”


City: Asheville NC

Phone: 828-242-7808

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