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Sharon Rahmanian

Sharon is a User Experience Design and Research Specialist and has a Masters Degree in Human Factors and Applied Experimental Design. She spends a lot of time in front of the computer designing digital interfaces and writing reports for her clients.


Sharon took her first Secrets of Natural Walking (SONW) workshop in March of 2014 and experienced tremendous benefits on her physical body during the workshop. After practicing diligently for a few weeks, she realized her body posture had improved and she didn’t experience the chronic neck and shoulder tension due to working on the computer. In addition, she noticed significant emotional and mental improvements.


That was when Sharon decided to teach the Secrets of Natural Walking workshop so she could share these wonderful benefits with family and friends. She got her certification in May of 2014 and has been teaching since then. All her family and extended family as well as many of her friends have taken the workshop and are enjoying the benefits of natural healing abilities of their bodies. The beauty of this is that they all practice SONW when they get together.

City: California ~ Los Angeles

Phone: 424-248-8828

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