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Sheila Howes


2013 I enrolled in the Secret of natural walking workshop. Loving the Open Heart meditation it seemed a natural progression.   


There were no expectations and little understanding at that time . I did not believe that walking in this way would actually benefit me physically or in any other way but thought I would give it a try.

I have scoliosis and had spent much time visiting physiotherapist , chiropractor for relief of neck and back pain. My knees faced inwards (knock knees)

SONW has helped me so much I am amazed .No longer do my knees face inwards..they are facing straight forward. Back and neck pain have ceased.

I now walk naturally and feel stronger, confident, energised and my breathing feels deeper and easier.


I can feel the adjustments happening throughout my whole body with the connection to the earth I have experienced and am experiencing how our body can heal itself if we learn how to walk naturally the way the creator intended.

City: Perth

Phone: +61 410 791 866

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