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Stephanie Bloom

As a SONW participant, I experienced so many profound and measurable benefits that I soon became a walking instructor myself!  I suffered from a worsening and extremely painful “frozen” shoulder and upper neck area that literally began to melt during my first workshop. Also, I continue to experience other positive changes and improvements in direct correlation with my routine practice of SONW’s six simple and easy to learn steps. I can honestly say that SONW fills my entire body and being with a deep sense of peace, relaxation and ease. Plus it’s fun to do on your own or in a group! I realize that every step I take, whether practicing SONW, hiking in nature or walking down the street is a beautiful opportunity to be happy, helped and healed. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to participate in a local workshop. I look forward to personally sharing this uniquely effective and enjoyable walking practice with you.

City: Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley / Ventura County

Phone: 818-570-3466

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