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Stuart Hayes

OK - let me concede upfront, I was a little sceptical about SONW when first introduced! As an athlete who had trained heavily from the age of 12, I had been guided by some of Australia’s leading coaches, consulted some of our best sports physicians and was confident with my knowledge of how to use my body, how to manage long-term injuries and how to live a healthy life… boy, was I in for a shock!


Within weeks of practising SONW regularly, it became evident my weekly consultations to alleviate long-term back and neck pain were no longer required! This was an extraordinary and unexpected outcome for me as I had struggled with back and neck related issues since an accident in my teens and other unrelated reasons. 


It has now been over 2 years since I have needed any form of consultation, my whole body feels stronger & healthier, my immune system is better than it has ever been and other long-term sports injuries (such as calf, groin & hamstring strains) have simply disappeared!


Today I enjoy walking on a daily basis and am honoured to be able to teach and share about SONW with other people. It is a wonderful and life-changing journey.

City: Melbourne

Phone: +61414414745

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