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Susan Barrett

Susan retired at the age of 62 to a hilly property in Grants Pass, Oregon in 2013, where she discovered that her knees were so bad that she could not easily walk the property.  Luckily, in 2014, SONW was offered in California, and after practicing almost daily for 6 months, she could happily report that she would not be needing knee replacement surgery in her future. Her digestive problems have gone by the wayside, her irregular heart beat has disappeared (except if she succumbs to too much caffeine), she can stand and sit so easily (a feat never ever accomplished in her entire life), and her body has toned very nicely (yes, this can happen even in your seventh decade!).  Best of all, she is happy, peaceful, and calm, and very much in love with life.

City: California, Connecticut, Oregon, & Washington 

Phone: 541-479-2046

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