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Tanja Borkowski

I am from Hamburg and i live in the district Niendorf. I am married and i got two children. In my leisure time I like to travel with my family, i love to meet my friends, i enjoy very much walking in the nature and i love to cook.


I have always been looking for a satisfied, happy and healthy lifestyle. More than 12 years ago, i started with Reiki Tummo, then i attended the Open Heart workshops and in 2014 i discovered  Secrets of natural walking in Jakarta- Indonesia.


I practice Secrets of natural walking regularly and am suprised every day to the new, how much better i feel afterwards. I prefer walking in the early morning as i go more concentrated in the day, more relaxed and less determined by emotions.


Moreever, it is the best „work out“ for my body. I have taken neatly to muscle mass and feel really comfortable in my body, which is still in the change. It is also easier for me to eat healthier and better, the appetite for sugary products has become smaller. I love that every step i take now makes me healthier and happier and trains my whole body.

I have a daughter who is paralyzed and with wohm I also practice SONW. The spasticity in her legs has become better and also an increase in muscles can be seen.

In addition, their well-being in their own body has become better and other diseases do not occur at all.

Due to these wonderful experiences, I became a teacher for SONW.


I love to teach and would like to share with you.

I look forward to your registration!​

City: Hamburg

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