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Tina Encheva

Tina a native Bulgarian has lived with her family of four in Las Vegas since 2000. Tina attended the University Of Plovdiv where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Biotechnology. She held various positions during her professional career while living in Bulgaria, while is Las Vegas Tina has pursued a carrier in Real Estate and the hospitality industry. She is also very active in several volunteer organizations. Despite her many achievements, Tina’s health declined. Stress and long hours of work lead her to depression and weight gain. After searching for ways to de-stress and be healthier she discovered Secrets of Natural Walking.


Tina has always had a love of everything natural from wholesome foods, being outdoors, and staying heathy.


Secrets of Natural Walking has helped Tina to accept her body unconditionally and to love and honor it as a beautiful gift of Love. Tina’s real life experience had profoundly transformed her life, lead her to become Secrets of Natural Walking instructor in May of 2014, so now she passionately promotes and shares about health and wellness to the public and corporate community in Las Vegas.


Tina had suffered from lower back pain that stopped her from being physically active. After countless treatments with acupuncturists, chiropractors and massage therapists without relief Tina decided to give Secrets of Natural Walking a try. Not only lower back pain disappeared permanently and   cholesterol level went down to normal, Tina also discovered she had more energy throughout the day and better sleep quality at night. Tina was experiencing less stress and was more relaxed and so much more efficient in her work.


Tina’s goal is to become a health and wellness educator for the local community to help, teach and share about Secrets of Natural Walking.




City: Nevada / Las Vegas

Phone: 702-292-1156

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