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Yalda Cassidy

Yalda was born in Iran but raised in Sweden where she spent most of her life. After travelling to many destinations, Yalda arrived in Australia in her early twenties and finally found her home in Perth.


Even as a small child, Yalda had an interest in talking and learning about people and so the path wrote itself as she began her studies to become a Psychologist. After several years of working as a psychotherapist, Yalda felt the need to compliment her work and took up Open Heart Meditation.


Since opening her heart, Yalda has experienced the most joyful and meaningful moments of her life. Becoming a Secrets of Natural Walking instructor was one of these moments. Using the physical body in accordance with the way it was designed, has not only improved her health physically, emotionally and mentally, but has also introduced a deeper senesce of peace and gratitude from within. These benefits also extend to her surroundings including improved relationships with clients, colleagues, friends and family.


Yalda also feels grateful to have experienced the immense benefits of practicing Secrets of Natural Walking first hand. After giving birth to her daughter in 2014, she realised that she had large-scale nerve and tissue damage that resulted in the inability to nurse her newborn daughter. To her delight however, after regular practise, the damaged was repaired within 4 months and she could nurse exclusively.


As a therapist, Yalda greatly appreciates being able to offer practical ways in which people can improve their health and happiness. Therefore she feels very grateful to be able to share the wonderful gift of Natural Walking and feels privileged to be in a position to witness the vast improvements in people’s overall wellbeing.

City: Perth

Phone: +61404961320

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