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21 Day Challenge 2018

Welcome to our New Year 21 Day Challenge!

Secrets of Natural Walking® 21 Day Challenge is prepared to help kick start your 2018! This inspiring Challenge will make your practice fresh, fun, social and more fulfilling. Research says it only takes 21 days to change a habit, either to lose old habits or form new ones. We are challenging you to put this into practice so you can start to use your body and walk properly to improve your health, mind and body.

Look back at 2017, did you often find yourself sleeping late, eating all kinds of junk or being unhappy and complaining about nearly everything? It’s time to stop! Science says that sleeping a minimum of 8 hours a day ensures you to perform at your optimum standard, also consuming more antioxidants and less unnatural food will uplift your sense of wellbeing and attitude is the little thing that makes the big difference!

Join us in our mission for a fresher, healthier, and happier YOU

What's Different This Year?

Get together and make a team of 3-5 people. This year we will play a game of ticks and crosses. Not the board game but in real life! Check out the list for all the “ticks” and the “crosses” and be your own jury for 21 days. Average out your score at the end with your team mates and let’s see who gets the highest score.

We will also be posting daily tips and inspiration that will

change the way you feel inside your skin and the way you see your life!

- Antioxidant Tips - Case study: Real life role model

- Healthy Lifestyle and Gratitude Tips

- Bonus DJ mix recordings

How to Enter ?

Step 1: Contest will take place on Facebook - “Like” our Secrets of Natural Walking® Facebook Page:

Step 2: Form teams of 3-5 people

Prerequisite for team members: Have joined Level 1 Secrets of Natural Walking® Workshop (taught only by authorized Natural Walking® Instructors).

Step 3: Choose a name for your team Step 4:

Enter the competition by submitting entry forms (google forms link):

This link will also be posted on the Secrets of Natural Walking® Facebook Page / Instagram / website: www.

Step 5: Before starting the 21 day challenge, take a clear front, back and side view photograph/lab test/x-ray of each team member, which can be used for your article or results (before and after) to collect points. Photos/lab tests/x-rays must be high resolution, clear and taken with consistency (e.g. angle, lighting, distance, equipment, clothing) must be the same.

Step 6: Commit to a FULL 21 days of practicing Secrets of Natural Walking® for at least 60 minutes a day properly together with your team without missing a single day. Practice together with the team at least 3x a week, the rest can be done individually. You can split your daily practice into 2 sessions with a minimum of 30 minutes per session. (You can practice with your team members physically, through internet/Skype, on the phone/Facetime.)

We will hold 3 Contests during the Challenge 1. Creative Photo Contest (max 75 points) January 20 - February 1

Each member of the team can submit as many photos as they like (individually or as a team) with the text placed over the image. (Fill in the blank) “I love my body because ______________” Images must be submitted through google forms link which will be available on our facebook/ instagram/website on January 20th. Admin will post your photo on the facebook album and those with the most likes will be the winner.

2. Before and After Contest (max 100 points) February 8 - February 12

You can submit your before & after images in any of the following three

categories: 1. Lab Tests Showing improvement in cholesterol, blood sugar and hormone levels,

organ function, immunity, etc.

2. Physical Appearance Showing improvement in skin, facial expression, body shape/proportions, posture, alignment, etc.

3. X- RAY Showing improvement in problem/condition

The Submission must be a high quality digital photo. The Submission must be the entrant’s original creation and owned one hundred percent (100%) by the entrant. Points will be given according to judges. (Only the top 3 will be rewarded points). Points will be averaged out among team members.

3. Media Contest (max 100 points) 20 January - 9 February

Share your story about how natural walking has helped you improve your health and wellness. For thia contest, get your story published in the local/national/ international/web media (magazines, radio, TV, podcast, newspaper etc).

Submission will be through google forms

The Submission must be proof of the entrant’s original creation and owned one hundred percent (100%) by the entrant. Points will be given according to judges. (Only the top 3 will be rewarded points). Points will be averaged out among team members.

Prizes The Winning Team will Receive: #1 GRAND PRIZE Level 3 FREE for each team member (workshop fee only) #2 PRIZE Level 2 25% Disc for each team member/friends/family #3 PRIZE Level 1 25% Disc for each team member/friends/family


Form your teams, sign up and get READY for the CHALLENGE!!! Stay tuned for daily articles, posts, tips and motivation through our Facebook / Instagram and website

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