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Day 2 - Antioxidant Tips

Throughout day to day life, the body is exposed to a variety of chemical, environmental and physiological stresses. As a result, toxins known as free radicals build up. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause harm to the body, the reason they are unstable is because they have become oxidized and therefore are missing an electron.

Antioxidants are the heroes in this microscopic story happening within the human body as antioxidants donate electrons to unstable free radical molecules, rendering them stable once again.

The benefit of increasing one's intake of antioxidants include:

- Boost in brain function

- Reduction in oxidative stress

- Prevention from cancer

- Improved eye health

- Better hair growth

- Glowing Skin

Antioxidants help the body by slowing down the processes related to cell ageing and mutation. Antioxidants are found in certain foods and may prevent some of the damage caused by free radicals by neutralising them. Antioxidants are most abundant in fruits and vegetables, as well as other foods including nuts, whole grains and some meats, poultry and fish. Evidence suggests that antioxidant supplements do not work as well as the naturally occurring antioxidants in foods such as fruits and vegetables. Research strongly suggests incorporating antioxidants from fruits and vegetables into your diet can be extremely beneficial for your health and here are some extra tips on maximising your antioxidant consumption.

• Antioxidants are present where there is liquid; dried fruits/vegetables no longer have antioxidant.

• Consume different variety of fruits and vegetables, not the same one all the time.

• If possible, consume freshly picked fruits and veggies and eat it straight away. (They still have life force/energy from nature). For example: lettuce on the pot, apple from the tree.

• Consume cut fruits immediately, within 2 minutes, as the skin is peeled, the fruits protective layer is removed and oxidization starts (A fruit that is picked straight from the tree has a different level of antioxidant to those that have been in the supermarket for days)

• For best results try to consume fresh fruits and vegetables every 2 hours (approximately the size of your palm)

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