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Day 3 - Take a Pause.

When was the last time you really stopped?

Many have reported that regular natural walking helps them sleep better. This is because Natural Walking reactivates

the natural healing abilities of our body. Our body is amazing, it is equipped with self-healing capabilities, we have all experienced at some stage in our lives cuts, burns, scratches, strains, sprains, breaks or bruises and have bared witness to the body repairing itself to the best of its ability. Just as Hippocrates the Father of Modern Medicine says "Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” He recognized that the human body is not passive to injuries or diseases but rebalances itself in accordance to counteract them. In other words, the body is always trying to rebalance itself and is self healing every second of everyday from the moment we are born until the day we die. Everything our body does is an effort to restore its equilibrium and maintain a healthy balanced state of wellness. We tend to underestimate the amazing healing abilities of our body and often take it for granted. Your body works constantly to protect, regenerate and heal itself. It is a perfectly functioning engineering machine based on biochemical reactions that happen automatically without you even having to think about it. For example when you are hot you sweat to bring down your core temperature and when you are exposed to a virus or bacteria your glands swell as the lymphatic and immune system attempt to fight off diseases to keep you healthy, just to name a few. Children tend to heal much faster than the elderly because as we grow up, we develop habits that block and slow down these natural healing abilities of our body, putting incessant pressure on our body throughout the day such as working on the computer for hours on end or constantly being glued to our mobile phones. Natural Walking neutralizes these bad habits, re-aligns our spine, releases stress from our body and helps us to breathe better in turn repairing our organs, systems and helps our mind to be calmer.

Think about it, when was the last time you really stopped? We are cultivated in a fast-paced culture wrapped within society’s self-destructive addiction to faster living. Over-scheduling and double-booking have been signs of progress for more than two decades. Progress equals fast, which equals success, a recipe for addiction.

Natural Walking is a type of walking meditation, perfect for modern people who feel completely out of synch with their deepest selves. It reconnects us with nature and nature's pace to reduce psychological, social and physical problems. As we are more in touch with our body - the part of nature itself, our body responds more positively leaving you with a more positive outlook in life , a calmer mind and better sleep.

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