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Day 7 - Stress Less. Meditate

Many of us enjoy meditating, simply because it allows us to pause and give our overused brains a break to allow our heart, the center of peace and joy to be freer.

With a simple "Smile, Relax and Surrender" during Open Heart Meditation, we find ourselves letting go all of our negative emotions one by one leaving us feeling naturally happier, freer and more joyful.

As we “feel genuinely happy” with our heart rather than "visualize artificial happiness" with our brains, we start to experience a light, pleasant feeling around our chest area which will start to expand outwards eventually your whole body and mind will be enveloped too.

Our heart is the key connection to the Divine (the Creator/Source) and this direct connection allows the love to flow through our hearts to remove all grudges, pain, impurities in our body. Our inner heart is the core of our heart and knows the real truth.

How does Meditation help our natural walking Practice? Being able to use your heart to feel is beneficial to Natural Walking practice because as your non physical heart - center of feeling is stronger you will be able to feel the adjustments better, you are more relaxed and sensitive to the changes.

How can natural walking help your meditation practice? Natural walking itself is a "walking meditation" as we move our body from key to key - we are releasing our negative thoughts, busy-ness, and impurities into the earth.

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