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Day 8 - Cooking Equipments

Not all cooking equipments are created equal. Although you have fresh clean ingredients, cooking them in different equipments will result in different qualities of dishes. For example, cooking in a pot vs. cooking in a microwave will give varying health nutrition and benefit to your food.

Our Tips for Cooking ware:

  • Non stick pans are not recommended as once scratched, non-stick pans and cookware begin to degrade. Surface chemicals such as PFAS inevitably end up in your food and then inside your body. Exposure to these chemicals can be carcinogenic and are linked to have a number of adverse health and environmental concerns.

  • To cook rice, do not use non-stick Rice Cooker or aluminium. Best to use stainless steel rice cooker. You can also cook rice manually by boiling the rice in a stainless steel pot for 10-15 mins and steam it for a further 15 mins.

  • Do not use any plastic, melamine, silicon, and teflon utensils and cookwares

  • Do not use baking paper, aluminium foil or parchment paper in cooking.

  • For juicing, it is best to use normal blender or magic bullet to retain the nutrients. Do not use super high power blender such as vitamix or slow juicer, etc

  • To only use ceramic or glass for hot drinks, soup or hot meal. Don’t use paper cups or styrofoam

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