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Got rid of my stiffness and swelling from Lymphadema

Gloria Carroll, Pennsylvania

I don’t know of an official name for what ails my feet but an x-ray showed a bone spur. The podiatrist felt that was not the main source of problem, but instead might be arthritic gout. The orthopedic doctor called it lymphedema of unknown origin and recommended physical therapy that would have cost $2,000, so I didn’t do it. I decided to just do Secrets of Natural Walking. So much pain and swelling since last October is now down to 5% stiffness and swelling. I’m so grateful to have the use of my feet back! Walking in the sand at the shore at beginning of Summer was not possible...but now it is...I’m so grateful and happy. 

(*Lymphedema is a condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling) 

The pain in my shoulders had vanished

Bertha, Australia

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I attended my first session of the course (Secrets of Natural Walking) and at the end, found the pain in my shoulders had vanished and I could raise my arms above my head so easily and painlessly. 

Imagine my surprise on the next day to find I could stand up from the settee with no pain and no need to have someone haul me to my feet. This has continued to my amazement and delight!!

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