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With each step, my body is being healed

Secrets of Natural Walking® is a simple yet amazingly effective way of restoring your personal health and wellbeing. As a former yoga teacher I practiced 3 hours a day for ten years trying to release tension and improve postural imbalances. After attending my first Secrets of Natural Walking® workshop, issues I had very consciously been attempting to fix for years were addressed. I no longer need to use orthotics, foot, neck, shoulder were released from the right side of my body.


As I continue to practice Secrets of Natural Walking® I stand taller, have more balance and muscle tone. I am emotionally lighter, and more relaxed with my family, friends and colleagues. I simply enjoy the practice of walking naturally. The most beautiful experience for me is to have found a practice that flows naturally into daily life. With each step, my body is being healed and my heart is being opened to Love, Life and all wonderful things from The Creator

-Jo Moloney

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