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Dr. Julius Pangayoman

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As a medical student 18 years ago, I always had high cholesterol with a high risk of heart disease. Thompson research states that even by exercising routinely for 4 hrs/week for 5 months can only increase HDL by only 5mg/dl. After joining Natural Walking for 2 months, my HDL increased 10mg/dl and I’m now healthier than ever!

Marko Hermawan

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Unbelievable, I am so grateful to have completed 21 days of practice for 60 minsutes a day and to my surpirse it DID work! My cholesterol & blood sugar levels went down to normal. My HDL increased 7mg/dl, My LDL reduced by 7mg/dl.

Anton Susanto Hugeng

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By just practicing 21 days, my waist reduced by 7cm and on top of that, my LDL was 104mg/dl to 77mg/dl (lowered by 27mg/dl) and my HDL was 65mg/dl to 77mg/dl (increased by 2mg/dl). 

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